Never lose your team's whiteboard meeting notes again

Gone are the days of searching through the photos on your phone for a whiteboard session you had with your team. Easily archive, search, tag, and share your whiteboard images and meeting notes with your colleagues to collaborate easily.

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How It Works

Make your company's whiteboard meetings more actionable, easily referenceable, and always available.

Feature 01

QR Code Label

We provide your company a unique, printable QR code label. Tape them to the whiteboards in your office.

Feature 02

Scan Code

When you've finished meeting with your team, open your smartphone camera and scan the QR code. Follow the link.

Feature 03

Picture & Notes

Upload a picture of the whiteboard, and add some quick notes for reference if you'd like, right from your phone, in under a minute.

Feature 04

Archive & Share

Enter the email addresses for your fellow attendees or others who should see the notes to add the whiteboard to their secure archive.

Easy Archival

The best part about Save This Whiteboard is how easy it is to find and review past meeting notes. Your archive is comprised of whiteboard meetings you've added or have been given access to by your colleagues.


Security is a top concern for us. We understand that your meetings can contain sensitive informaiton. We provide secure, email-based login, and people can only view the whiteboards they've been added to. Access to a set of whiteboard meeting notes can be revoked by the person who created the meeting notes. And colleagues can be securely added at any point in the future.

Progress Made Easy

Search through meeting notes with the same tags to see how ideas and progress on certain projects is coming along. Make it easy for you and your colleagues to follow up on the open action items by being able to easily reference the image of the whiteboard and notes related to it.


Limited Time Pricing:
One Price Fits All
$ 100 per month
  • Unlimited team members
  • Upload unlimited meeting notes
  • Use with unlimited whiteboards


  • Is this secure?

    Absolutely! We take security very seriously. Only colleagues who have been added to a particular meeting will be able to see that picture and meeting notes in their archive. And the creator can revoke access to a particular individual if need be. Additionally, all login and access is done securely through email.

  • Why not just send a picture and notes through email?

    How many times do you leave a meeting with a set of action items for the team, and then inevitably things start falling off the radar? This idea was born out of the experience of having served hundreds of clients and frequently using the whiteboard during meetings. Searching through the photos on your phone for an old image of a whiteboard meeting is annoying, and often difficult to understand without the context for the meeting. This is equally difficult when shared through email with colleagues and is bound to have certain action items fall off of the radar. Using Save This Whiteboard allows you to .

  • How are companies using this?

    They are pasting the unique, QR code label on every whiteboard throughout their office(s). Employees are conducting meetings as usual and uploading the whiteboard picture and some meeting notes to Save This Whiteboard. Everyone added to the meeting will have this whiteboard securely added to their archive for review at any time in the future..

    In addition to just making progress on action items after a meeting, companies are using their archives to train new employees (give them context on past meetings and decisions) and to track progress and evolution of ideas and designs over time.

  • How long are whiteboards archived?

    As long as your company has an account, your whiteboards will be archived.

  • Can I revoke access to someone I've already shared meeting notes with?

    Yes. As long as you created the whiteboard meeting notes, you can remove a colleague from being able to access the notes.

  • Can I give someone access to the meeting notes after I've already created and shared it?

    Yes. You can add new people to any meeting notes you've created in the past, at any point in the future.

  • What kind of companies or teams is this good for?

    Truly, any company or team that uses a whiteboard as a collaboration and meeting tool. However, we've found the most success to be with Product Management and UI/UX Design teams who are iterating on ideas and collaborate using a whiteboard.